superfoods for diabetes & nutritional ketosis

This blog post from Marty Kendall of Optimizing Nutrition quantifies my approach to a nutrient dense real-food ketogenic diet for type 1 diabetes.

Optimising Nutrition

More than carbohydrate counting or the glycemic index, the food insulin index data suggests that our blood glucose and insulin response to food is better predicted by net carbohydrates plus about half the protein we eat.

The chart below show the relationship between carbohydrates  and our insulin response. There is some relationship between carbohydrate and insulin, but it is not that strong, particularly when it comes to high protein foods (e.g. white fish, steak or cheese) or high fibre foods (e.g. All Bran).

food insulin index table - fructose analysis v2 21122015 44912 PM.bmp

Accounting for fibre and protein enables us to more accurately predict the amount of insulin that will be required for a particular food.  This knowledge can be  useful for someone with diabetes and / or a person who is insulin resistant to help them calculate their insulin dosage or to chose foods that will require less insulin.


If your blood glucose levels are typically high you are likely insulin resistant (e.g. …

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